Legitimate data sharing
across businesses

Grow your business using one API to retrieve your customer's real-time information from multiple sources.

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Seamlessly connect identity and creditworthiness data to your application

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Reduce your customer acquisition cost by importing and reusing customers’ identities from verified sources.

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Make informed lending and insurance decisions by assessing customers' real credit history and financial behaviour.

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Understand user behaviour by capturing key metrics and patterns across your industry

Tailor-made features

One API to establish control, with features tailored to suit your business objectives — no matter the industry you are in


Gather real-time data from relevant sources without exceeding your budget

Grow your revenue

Use our data-sharing model to grow your revenue in new ways

Highly secure

Guaranteed safety when you use our leading industry data protection techniques to prevent you and your users' data

Enriched data

Enjoy enhanced data from different sources and translate them to useful information


Maximise your data acquisition by getting access to multiple reliable data streams


Design your desired system features with details of your demands and expectations

Developer focused

We obsess over the right abstractions and the developer experience to design the simplest, yet most powerful interface for different industries

Our pricing

Build with the perfect plan for your business. We have flexible pricing because we understand that your objectives may change. Let's discuss:

Built with Devs in mind

Build your products seamlessly with our concise and well-documented APIs. We built it precisely for developers so that it takes you just a few minutes to integrate

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